Arts & Crafts

Islamic Arts & Crafts Projects

For children, parents & teachers

Take a look at sample projects from my book. These projects are fun, creative, and educational all at the same time. Try them with your kids and see what they learn about Islam. They are great for kids of all ages as well as adults.

Gingerbread Mosque

You’ve heard of a gingerbread house, now make a gingerbread mosque
… using all the same yummy treats!

Decorative Bead Designs

Bead designs are fun to make and fun to have. They give children a chance to be creative while practicing counting, planning, and sorting skills. A finished design can be used as decoration, jewelry, bookmarks, key chains, fridge magnets, and gifts for Ramadan, Eid, or anytime of the year.

Eid Candy Favors

Put your finished paper rolls to use with this project. This creative way to recycle is fun for Eid or other celebrations. Give them out to your friends as a treat.

Islamic Window Stickers

Create your very own window stickers. You pick the design and you pick where to stick them! They’re great for Ramadan and Eid to decorate your house with.

Ramadan Treat Platters

Before Ramadan, get your family together to make these delicious Ramadan Treat Platters. Fill them with all the Ramadan dried fruits and sweets. Give them to your friends, family or keep them in the kitchen to break your fast with. Or eat them for Suhour.